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THINGO TECH  was established in 2012 and is located in Hefei, Wuhan, Shanghai, Changsha, Xiangyang, Yichang, et al.  It has been deeply engaged in the field of software and information technology services for many years and transformed into the intelligent software robot industry in 2020. The company has jointly established Wuhan University - THINGO TECH Intelligent Software and Service Joint Laboratory and Hefei University of Technology - THINGO TECH Intelligent Graph Application Joint Laboratory with Wuhan University and Hefei University of Technology.

At present, the company has a team of nearly 150 people,including 37 in the Wuhan University laboratory and 22 in the Hefei University of Technology laboratory. The company has CMMI3 qualifications, ISO27701, ISO9001 ad other system certificates, with over 100 intellectual property rights, including 17 invention patents. and more than 30 new invention patent authorizations will be added every year. The company has been awarded titles such as National High tech Enterprise and Double Soft Enterprise.

The core business of the company is to mine, sort, identify, and implement automation needs for customer business processes through the self-developed THINGO RPA (Robot Process Automation)+AI (Artificial Intelligence) digital employee products. The company is committed to the research and development of multiple technology platforms such as sofware robot service platforms, low code platforms, and process mining tools. At the same time, it combines artificial intelligence with robot process automation (RPA) for product design and development, utilizing the strong adaptability of software robots to quickly graft into the interface operation layers of different systems, replacing human labor in highly repetitive and regular work,and forming efficient business flow. Empowering software robots through artificial intelligence continuously improves their thinking and decision-making abilities, which provides rich landing scenarios for software robot technology,  the ability of quickly building service models for different industries and the construction of a rich ecosystem of RPA+AI+industries. It truly empowers the digital transformation of the enterprise from a business perspective.

The company has implemented scenarios covering multiple fields such as biomedicine, construction, government affairs, hospitals,finance, e-commerce, education, production and manufacturing, and has accumulated over 1000 automation application cases. The main cooperative clients include a number of listed companies in the biopharmaceutical field, including JOINTOWN Pharmaceutica Group Co., Ltd., LBX Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd., Ma Yinglong Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Wuhan Mdeasydiagnosis Co..Ltd,  and Humanwell GroupCo.. Ltd,  China Communications Construction Co., Ltd., China Communications First,Second, and Third Navigation Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd, Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co, Ltd. and a group of central state-owned enterprises in the construction field,  Hankou Bank, Hunan Sanxiang Bank, China Construction Bank, Anhui Provincial High tech Investment and other financial institutions in the financial field, Wuhan Union Hospital and other hospitals inthe medical field; Hubei Xiangyang Government Affairs Center, Hubei Yichang Government Affairs Center, and other government service centers in the field of government affairs.

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Development History


  • Develop RPA+AI business market

  • National high-tech enterprises

  • Technology "little giant" frims


  • Strategic cooperation with Jointown Pharmaceutical Group

  • Strategic cooperation with Mayinglong Pharmaceutical Group

  • Strategic cooperation with Jianmin Group

  • Start RPA compulsory course in Wuhan Institute of Technology


  • Co-establish practical training base with Wuhan Textile University

  • The main project of RPA software development has been basically completed


  • the Joint Laboratory of Wuhan University-THINGO TECH Intelligent Software and Service

  • the Joint Laboratory of Hefei University of Technology - THINGO TECH Intelligent Graph Application

Honor and Qualification
  • Honor
  • Qualification
  • In 2019, it was recognized as "Double soft Enterprise".
  • In 2016, it was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise
  • Thingo Tech won the title of "Excellent Chu Business Enterprise in 2022"
  • Hubei software industry association member unit
  • Hubei Province young entrepreneurs Association governing unit

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