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Scientific Prowess

THINGO TECH adheres to independent innovation, has set up a multi-dimensional research and development team, established strategic cooperative relations with famous universities in China, and set up joint laboratories with Wuhan University and Hefei University of Technology respectively to empower productivity and help enterprises with digital transformation.

Wuhan University-THINGO TECH
Intelligent Software & Services Joint Laboratory

LI Bing

Director of joint laboratory

  • Professor and Ph.D supervisor, School of Computer Science, Wuhan University

  • Deputy Chairman of Wuhan Science and Technology Association 

  • Wuhan CPPCC Member

  • Deputy Director of Service Computing Committee of China Computer Society

  • Member of the Special Committee on Uncertain Artificial Intelligence of the Chinese Society for Artificial Intelligence

  • President of Wuhan Computer Software Engineering Societ

Hefei University of Technology - THINGO TECH
Intelligent Knowledge Graph Application Joint Laboratory

WU Xindong

Director of joint laboratory

  • IEEE Fellow (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

  • AAAS Fellow (American Association for the Advancement of Science)

  • Foreign member of the Russian Academy of Engineering

  • Director of Key Laboratory of "Big Data Knowledge Project", Ministry of Education

  • Head of the "Marketing Intelligence" National new generation artificial intelligence open innovation platform

  • Does not rely on complex development

    RPA+AI digital staff development does not require very complex programming, greatly reducing the development time.

  • Non-invasive development

    External deployment eliminates the cost of system interface integration, and can extract and integrate data from different systems without changing the existing IT infrastructure of the enterprise, thus clear data barriers between systems.

  • The whole process can be controlled and traced

    High security and controllability, low error rate, effectively reduce human error, help the government and enterprises to achieve more efficient and refined operation.

  • 7*24 hours a day uninterrupted work

    End-to-end automatic processing, 7x24 hours uninterrupted work, fast response, shorten the process cycle, solve the pain points such as poor peak processing capacity of manual operation.

Service & Support
  • Responsible for system error repair, system optimization, etc.
  • Responsible for technical consultation, technical support, troubleshooting, technical development and management training, emergency fault handling, system operation monitoring and performance adjustment, etc.
  • Responsible for system installation, user operation training, general troubleshooting, product update release, etc.
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Lab Intro

The "Intelligent Software and Services Joint Laboratory" of Wuhan University-THINGO TECH is jointly established by Wuhan University and THINGO TECH. The director of the laboratory is Li Bing, Deputy Director of the Service Computing Committee of China Computer Society, Deputy Chairman of Wuhan Association for Science and Technology, Deputy director of Complex Network Research Center of Wuhan University and Professor of School of Computer Science of Wuhan University.

The lab aims to make full use of artificial intelligence and service computing technology to improve the cognitive service ability of RPA to efficiently and accurately understand users’ intentions, to not only "do difficult things" and do smarter things, but also to "do things like real people" and do things more intelligently, to achieve efficient man-machine collaboration and business process restructuring, to promote the deep integration of digital technology and the Real economy, and to help the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, to build a joint laboratory with international advanced level.

The "Intelligent Knowledge Graph Application Joint Laboratory" of Hefei University of Technology-THINGO TECH is jointly established by Hefei University of Technology and THINGO TECH. The director of the laboratory is Wu Xindong, Foreign member of the Russian Academy of Engineering, Director of Key Laboratory of "Big Data Knowledge Project", Ministry of Education, Head of the "Marketing Intelligence" National new generation artificial intelligence open innovation platform and Professor in the Department of Computer Science of Hefei University of Technology.

The joint laboratory is designed and implemented around the application of key technologies for intelligent knowledge graph, based on process mining, RPA suite, and domain assets. The two parties develop in the long term and cooperate in-depth in theory, key technology, tool Research etc. to jointly build autonomous, unique, intelligent robot process automation foundation support platform software.